“I like your chapeau”

Many years ago, a Frenchman came into our Saint Louis shop, and requested a fine chapeau. The story goes that our staff was running around rather frantically searching in books to figure out what type of hat this was. If they could find a picture, then they could find it or make it.

We know now that chapeau is simply the French word for hat, but let’s go a step further and learn the word in some other languages.

Here’s how you might say “I like your hat” in some other languages.

English I like your hat
Catalan M’agrada el teu barret
Croatian Sviđa mi se tvoj šešir
Dutch Ik hou van je hoed
Danish Jeg kan godt lide din hat
Estonian Mulle meeldib sinu müts
Finnish Pidän hattu
French J’aime votre chapeau
German Ich mag deinen Hut
Hungarian Tetszik a kalapját
Italian Mi piace il tuo cappello
Latin Ego amo vestri pileus
Russian Мне нравится ваша шляпа
Portuguese Eu gosto do seu chapéu
Spanish Me gusta tu sombrero
Swedish Jag gillar din hatt

I have them all memorized so I can speak “hat” with (most of) the western world!

As always, leave a comment for corrections or if you have another suggested language.

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What are French Lignes?

The Ligne, or French Ligne, is a unit of measurement you’ll sometimes overhear in the hat business when referring to hat bands. Since hat band widths is the only place I’ve ever heard it used, and I was surprised to find so little online about it, I made a converter for converting between inches and lignes.

Next time you’re browsing through a hat manufacturer’s catalog and see a 12 ligne hat band, you can use the converter to get an exacting measurement in inches.

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Levine Hat Co. is sponsoring a Film in the St. Louis Black Film Festival

Up From The Bottoms Movie Poster

The last Saint Louis Black Film Festival was over 20 years ago, but it’s making a comeback!

The Tivoli will be hosting feature films and documentaries on July 18-19, 2011, with the shows starting at 3:30 p.m. each day.

We are sponsoring the film Up from the Bottoms: The Search for the American Dream, so go check it out!

Tickets start at $6.50 and can be purchased at the Landmark Tivoli Box Office.

Landmark Theatres Tivoli
6350 Delmar Blvd.
(314) 995-6270

There’s also going to be a coupon in the festival movie guide for $10 off your next purchase of $100 or more at Levine Hats (an extra good deal because that’s in addition to our current 30% sale on summer hats, caps, and shirts).

Trailer – Up From the Bottoms
STLBFF on Facebook

We hope to see you there!

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Summer Sale! 30% Off All Summer Hats and Caps!

Our summer sale begins today! All summer hats and caps are currently 30% off (or more). The sale covers all of our brands and styles in straw hats, including the popular Knox Millennium and Knox Casa Blanca.

The sale runs through July 17th, but as always, we can’t guarantee your size will be here if you wait too long!

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Bill McClellan: “Hats off to those who like quality”

photograph of Post Dispatch reporter Bill McClellanBill McClellan asks us how much we charge for a $1400 hat.

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Week After Easter – 10% off AND Free Shipping

Week After Easter Sale

The easter bunny is sticking around for one more week!  Get 10% off ALL items online by using the code EAST11 at checkout.  All online orders also get FREE shipping!

Sale ends 5/1/2011.

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