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The Million Minor March

What do you get when you take youthful enthusiasm, a ton of energy, bright young minds, and add focus? You get the Million Minor March! I must say wow! What an impressive group, definitely two thumbs up! So what is … Continue reading

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A Birthday hat…what’s the point?

Since today is my Birthday I thought a little 411 on the Birthday hat would be apropos. The adoption of the pointy cone shaped hat for use as birthday adornment is steeped in mystery however the pointy hat has been … Continue reading

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The Road Kill

I get the chance to see some pretty unique hats come though the store from time to time and The Road Kill is…well…unique. It is one of my favorites and although it doesn’t match anything in my closet it does … Continue reading

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Traveling With Your Hat

Are you planning to travel this spring or summer? If so a crushable hat is a must. The Levine Hat Company has you covered. What is a crushable hat?  A crushable hat is one that is made so that you … Continue reading

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Duck “four!” cover

Last year I told a friend of mine that he needed to cover his head the next time we play because the glare was killing me and the extra UV rays, I was certain, are not doing him any good. … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits…but what about my hat?

Ever try wearing a hat that just does not fit right? To tight…head ache. To loose the brim falls over your eyes or the wind blows it off your head! Determining your hat size is paramount to being happy with … Continue reading

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Green on St. Pat’s Day. A traditional color?

According to tradition St. Patrick, after being sold into slavery as a boy, is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish. Legend has it that the patron saint of Ireland used the shamrock, a green three leaf plant A.K.A white … Continue reading

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Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Daylight savings time begins this Sunday March 11th and stays around until Sunday November 4th. I for one am happy about having the extra time in the evenings after work while it is still light out, although I feel a … Continue reading

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Old Man winter is leaving, spring fashion is arriving!

Winter is drawing to a close and the Levine Hat Co is excited about ushering in spring with fresh new fashion and vibrant colors. Stetson has several offerings in this category like the Stetson Whitehall hat. These Milan straw  hats, … Continue reading

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