The Road Kill

I get the chance to see some pretty unique hats come though the store from time to time and The Road Kill is…well…unique. It is one of my favorites and although it doesn’t match anything in my closet it does match North American wildlife quite well.

This Outback style hat is a wearable natural history museum complete with the actual animal parts! Where’s Jack Hanna when you really need him? Here’s the parts list:
1 Deer Leg bone, 1 Deer Toe, some Deer Skin, 1 Mink Jaw Bone, Some Mink Hair, 3 Rattle Snake Ribs, 4 Rattle Snake Vertebra, 1 Rattle Snake Rattle, 1 Coyote Foot Bone, 3 Porcupine Claws, 5 Porcupine Quills, Goat Hair, Guinea Feathers, Pheasant Feathers (say that five times  fast), and a Partridge in a Pair tree!

OK I made up the Partridge part and no there is no portion of a pair tree any where to found; however did I mention that a Raccoon Penis Bone completes the crown!
“Yes it is true. This hat has a penis bone.”

Raccoons have a bone down there? Well then I suppose the makers of Viagra and Cialis will have to look beyond raccoons for their next “vertical” market…no pun intended.

The hat is made in the U.S.A , is 100% leather and the sizing is adjustable via a removable sweat band. Like I said it’s a very unique hat and what conversation piece, stop by in person some time and see The Road Kill. Ted Nugent eat your heart out!

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Lance handles the website and internet marketing efforts for Levine Hat Company (clearly the world's greatest hat store). He is a 4th generation hatseller and hat fanatic.
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