A Birthday hat…what’s the point?

Since today is my Birthday I thought a little 411 on the Birthday hat would be apropos.

The adoption of the pointy cone shaped hat for use as birthday adornment is steeped in mystery however the pointy hat has been around for a long long time. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore pointy hats, in-fact no one but Egyptian Royalty was allowed to wear a pointed hat.

Wizards and Witches are also often depicted wearing hats that are cone shaped and come to a sharp point at the end. Believed to be associated with the horns of the devil these pointed hats were frowned upon by the early church. Yet another theory is that the shape comes from witches and wizards chanting and performing various rituals in a circle inviting power or enlightenment from a central point above the circle created a “cone of power”.

OK, so what about the Birthday hat! Well I found one reference to a dunce cap being the real Birthday hat so….I think I’ll run with it!

The Dunce Cap was worn by students that would misbehave in school. The conical shaped hat was a symbol that you got in trouble for something or you were acting like a Dunce. The word Dunce comes from a Franciscan named John Duns Scotus who wrote about theology, grammar, logic, and metaphysics. During the Renaissance people who followed his beliefs where ridiculed and called a “Dunce” which is a play on his name. So since its your birthday you are allowed or in the right setting expected to act like a dunce. To some of us that may apply year around!

Whether or not you are being elevated to a position of royalty, casting a spell or just acting like a dunce the “point” of the cone shaped hat is to mark a celebration that you are the center of.

‘Till next time take care!

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