Green on St. Pat’s Day. A traditional color?

According to tradition St. Patrick, after being sold into slavery as a boy, is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish.

Legend has it that the patron saint of Ireland used the shamrock, a green three leaf plant A.K.A white clover,Picture of a Shamrock to to explain the holly trinity to non-christian Irish people. This is where the wearing of green comes into play.

The color originally associated with the tradition is blue as can be seen in ancient flags and the uniforms still worn by Irish special forces. The color green was also part of a rebellion in 1798 in which soldiers wore full green uniforms to make a political statement.

I think that I will stick with the green I grew up with and not get overly obsessive compulsive about accuracy; however given that blue is my favorite color I may try and slide just a little in this year, now that I have the facts.

If a green derby or now even a blue one is what your craving we have them!

Picture of a Green Derby and a Blue Derby

St. Patrick's Day Derby

Well that’s it for now enjoy your St. Patrick’s day celebration in any color you want just be safe! If your in the downtown area stop in and see us. The Levine Hat Company.


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