Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Daylight savings time begins this Sunday March 11th and stays around until Sunday November 4th. I for one am happy about having the extra time in the evenings after work while it is still light out, although I feel a honey-do list coming my way real soon.
Historically Benjamin Franklin is credited not only with the quote in today’s blog title, but also being the first to mention day light saving time. He mentions the idea in a 1784 satirical essay along with taxing shutters, rationing candles and waking the towns people with church bells and cannons! Easy Ben. The idea was introduced to the British House of Commons in 1909 by Robert Pearce and passed in March of 1915.

Over on this side of the pond, Standard Time was officially adopted in March of 1918; however the whole Daylight Savings Time idea was repealed and became a local option in 1919. The idea behind day light savings time is to simply give you more time in the daylight and it has been rationalize many different ways; however there is no real social or economic reason for it, of course that’s just my opinion. One could just get up a little earlier and enjoy the sunshine…nah making everyone conform is way more fun!

Daylight is not the only savings going on this week. Come by in person to check out our in-store specials or browse all of our inventory online. Also don’t forget with all that extra daylight and unfortunately yard work, you need to keep you head cool and the sun off your face.

Canvas Drover

Canvas Drover

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Raffia Outback


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