Duck “four!” cover

Last year I told a friend of mine that he needed to cover his head the next time we play because the glare was killing me and the extra UV rays, I was certain, are not doing him any good. “Just drive the ball” he responded. “You sound a little aggravated” I replied and then, with a grin, laid it on as thick as I could. Nothing like a good poke every now and then to raise your buddies “pissed level” to near melt down.

“How about one of those large round straw hats like your grandma wore in the garden”, I continued to banter, “If you put a long pink ribbon around it then we could use it to gauge wind speed”. It didn’t take long to ware out the bald jokes, so as we moved on to more inappropriate mud to sling at one another my score never improved and began to realize that I actually should be working on my game…nah I’ll just keep making fun of him all that practice is way to much like work.

OK with practice all taken care of I began to think of famous golfers and their hats. Once I was comfortably located back at home I went straight to Google and dug up tons of pictures and articles about famous golfers.

I was looking for maybe a particular style of hat to jump right out however it seems that hat choice is as individual as the personalities that play the game. Greg Norman the famous Aussie wore a straw outback style hat while Slammin’ Sam’s straw cover was more of a pork pie shaped fedora and who can forget Payne Stewart and his matching Ivy cap. Baseball hats and visors seem to the most popular however they just don’t have that coolness or individuality that some of the others do.

I guess all in all it’s about comfort, style and practicality all at the same time. I rarely wear hats when I play however after looking into it I believe I’m going to have a little fun with it this year. So what is your favorite flavor of hat “four” the course? I would love to hear from everyone with their stories about golf hats. Take care for now.


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    You could definitely see your expertise in the posts you write. At all times go after your heart!

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