National Hat Day is January 15th

January 15th is National Hat Day!

I’ll be doing a LIVE! spot on Fox 2 News at 9am and should give some ideas to get your hat day started off right.

Celebrating in style:

We are going to build a big collage of all our customer photographs and post it on our Facebook page, so you should post your best photos on Facebook or get them to us somehow and be included.

How to send in a picture:

Let’s make this the best National Hat Day yet!

P.S. All you really need to do to celebrate is wear a hat. That’s what it’s all about.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the video.

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Promo: Review your purchase and be entered to win a gift card

We are running a promotion where you can win a $25 gift card. Just add a review for a product that you purchased, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 Levine Hat gift card. Gift cards can be used online or in the store.

Q. When is the drawing?
A. 1 month from today, Jan 24th, 2013.

Q. Do I have to be logged in?
A. Yes.

Q. I purchased as a guest, but I still want to be entered.
A. No problem. Register and login, then write your review. We’ll make sure you get entered properly.

Q. I bought the item somewhere else. Can I review it?
A. Yes, and you should! But you can’t be entered into this drawing unless you got it from us.

We’ll notify the winner by email. Good luck!

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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!

Just a quick note in case you haven’t checked out the site lately; we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING on any order over $50.

This is meant to be a permanent change, as well, it just means that we now pay your shipping charges.

We haven’t raised prices or changed carriers, and we will continue to ship just as fast as we always did, except now it’s free on orders over $50.

Thanks for being a customer!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Announcing the hat of the week!

This gallery contains 12 photos.

We are going to be running weekly specials on top selling hats, overstock items and exclusives that we have here at Levine’s. If there’s an item you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment! Hat of the week this … Continue reading

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Levine Hats at COGIC 105th Holy Convocation

We just completed working our first COGIC Booth at the COGIC 105th Holy Convocation at America’s Center, here in St. Louis.

We decided to setup a dual booth at COGIC because our customers had mentioned that over 50,000 potential hat wearers from the community assemble there and suggested we reach out to them.

If you had a chance to stop by, it was great seeing you!  We’re planning on setting up booths at similar events in the near future (perhaps even venturing outside of St. Louis and to other places around the midwest), and we’re registering to return for the COGIC 106th Holy Convocation next year!

Overall, it was a great experience and a tremendous success for the company.

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Like Hell It’s Yours

If you want your initials monogrammed in Gold Leaf on the inside of your hat, just ask! It’s a free service.

A couple notes:

This only works on hats with leather sweat bands
Most fur felt and straw hats have a leather sweat band on the inside, but some hats do not (they may have fabric bands).  If you’re not sure whether your hat has a leather sweat band, just ask us.
Only do this if you are certain of your hat size
Once your initials are stamped, in order to return it to stock we would need to replace the leather sweat band on the inside of the hat.
Our monogramming machine supports two or three initials
If you only want two initials, the middle character will just be a diamond. The last character can also be a JR or SR, so check out these examples.

Lance gets L S L
Edward gets E ♦ L (no middle initial)
Pete gets J P SR

You can come into the store and we’ll stamp your hat, or you can make a request in the comments when you place your order.

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Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Levine Hats

Forgive us for tooting our own horn here, but there are at least 10 obvious reasons why Levine’s is everybody’s favorite place to shop for hats. Add your reasons to the list in the comments!

Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Levine Hats and online at

Lowest prices on hats
If you find a hat somewhere else with a lower price, we’ll match it.
Hats on racks, not in stacks
Hat brims flatten out if flat for too long, and stacking hats crushes them so they lose their block.
Honest hat advice
Our staff are hat wearers and fashionable ladies and gents. Our salespeople aren’t commissioned, and will give you their best advice.
We do custom hat work!
If you can dream it, we can do it! Common requests:

  • Tack on (sew-on) vintage or specialty hat bands
  • Cut down hat brim
  • Change the block (add, remove or deepen pinches or crease)
  • Add more curl to the hat brim
  • Put a binding around the hat brim.
Come back to us for any hat maintenance
We can usually make your hats look like new even if you get a lot of wear out of them. Steaming your hat will loosen the fur and make it more pliable, so we block it back into the shape you request. If the brim is out of shape, we have the machinery (called “flanges”) to restore the brim to its former glory.
Any hat amenities included
Feathers, pins, gold initials, hat boxes are all included with any regular price fur felt or straw hats.
Same-day shipping
Shipments placed Monday through Friday leave same-day if you order before noon (CST).
Exact hat sizing
Your hats are measured using a special hat sizing device before they leave the store. This way, you’ll get the size you order even if a manufacturer’s hats are not running true-to-size.  See this hat sizing chart.
No questions asked returns
You can return anything you order online within 30 days. Just send it back to us. No questions asked.
Levine’s is the most fun
We enjoy what we do here, and it shows.
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10 things to do with your hat (other than wearing it)

True stories:

1. Paperweight

2. Eye Mask / Sleep Mask

3. Lottery enabler

4. Weapon (may require modification)

5. Book stand

6. Container
The old story goes: One morning when stuck in traffic, a Levine Hat worker simply could not hold it anymore.  With no other options (and apparently no soda bottles) he did the only thing he could, and urinated into his hat.  After arriving at work, he scrubbed it and steamed it back into shape and set it in the back room to dry.  A few hours later what does he see?  Somebody is wearing his hat!  Apparently, another employee had unwittingly sold it.  This was many years ago, but if you think you’re the lucky customer, next round’s on us!

7. Secret Hiding place
Slip an important business card into your sweat band.  A personal favorite is to keep a comb tucked in this spot to always have one handy.  Underneath the lining can be another excellent hiding spot, but may require re-sewing.

8. Badge
Just slide credentials into the band (at the airport, for example).

9. Gasket cap
Fur felt material found in winter hats is an ideal felt construction for some automotive purposes.  We have a customer who repurposes fur felt hat bodies  as auto parts in the old Ferraris he rebuilds.

10. Catcher’s mitt
At the ballgame, when you might not have your glove.

Please suggest more odd and humorous uses in the comments!

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We have a new look!

Product page view
We recently launched a new version of the website.  Here’s a list of what changed:

Big changes we made to category/brands pages:

  • Grid view with 4 columns
  • Color swatches
  • Click color swatch to change image
  • Filter products shown by selecting dropdowns for “Color”, “Size”, “Manufacturer”
  • Remove left column
  • Remove compare and wishlist links
  • View 40 or 80 products and remember your preference
  • Speed improvements

Major changes to product pages:

  • Color swatches
  • Click color swatch to change product image
  • Hover over image shows large product detail
  • Product Info Tabs
  • Brand profiles and manufacturer information
  • Remove compare and wishlist links

Changes to general style:

  • Shopping cart detail on hover display
  • Styled footer menus
  • Faster and more efficient on all pages

In order to focus on the things our customers really want and need, we have hidden a few of our lesser used features: product alerts, product compare and customer wishlists are all much less prominent because shoppers rarely used them.

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can leave a comment here or send us an email.

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The Million Minor March

What do you get when you take youthful enthusiasm, a ton of energy, bright young minds, and add focus? You get the Million Minor March! I must say wow! What an impressive group, definitely two thumbs up! So what is it? Where is it? When is it? What it is a march organized by the Maplewood Richmond Heights school district. According to their website they are starting an epidemic of good will and have invited one million students to join them. The march will be held this Saturday, May 5th at noon and they will march from Soldiers Memorial to a rally at Kiener Plaza. Please visit the website for more information or to donate. Please visit and help support their efforts to spread good will.

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